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Red Shed Brewery

Red Shed Brewery | Cooperstown, New York | est. 2015

In 2015, Suzanne Olson received a phone call from her father saying that his love of home brewing had taken off. Local establishments were buying his beer (made in the red milk shed behind his house on his Cherry Valley property) and he couldn’t keep up with the demand. Suzanne and her husband, Dave, moved to NY and turned her father’s hobby into a thriving business that is both family run and family friendly. It’s also a farm brewery where most of the beers are made with close to 100% NY ingredients.

“This place was really built for families and a place to enjoy a beer, listen to some good music, have a bite to eat and hang out all afternoon.” – Suzanne Olson

“Only the best tractor tires at Red Shed!” – Dave Olson

Listen to the conversation with Suzanne: