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6 New York State Craft Beer Trends to Look for in 2020

1) Think NY, Drink NY®

Today there are more options for craft beer drinkers than ever before. There are currently 460+ craft breweries in New York State, ranking it #2 in the U.S. for number for breweries. The Think NY, Drink NY® helps craft beer enthusiasts find and enjoy the best beer brewed in the country. Breweries throughout the state are proudly displaying the Think NY, Drink NY badge on their beer packaging, making it easy for you to find NYS brews.



Next time your shopping for beer, look for Think NY, Drink NY! Explore & share all things NYS beer with the #thinkNYdrinkNY hashtag! #thinkNYdrinkNY


2) Inclusivity

The idea of sharing one vessel of beer with multiple straws is thought to have been ritualistic and a universal symbol of friendship. The sharing of beer in this way may also have been a demonstration of trust. The act of toasting is a modern representation of the ancient concept of community fostered by beer.

In recent years, the number of New York State craft beer enthusiasts has grown exponentially. However, there is still room for growth in diversity in the craft beer community. According to a voluntary survey by the Brewer’s Association, brewery staff in the U.S. consists of only 3.5% African American, 7% Hispanic, and 7.5% Female employees. There is a large minority population that is interested in craft beer, and in 2020 you will see a statewide effort to make all feel welcome and included.

There’s a seat at the craft beer bar for everyone.


3) The Official New York State Craft Beer App

With more breweries than ever before, the New York State Craft Beer App is the ultimate way to explore breweries. The free app offers a variety of features including a map of every brewery in the state, event listings, and a virtual passport program. In 2020 you will see more breweries using the app to list their special events and beer releases, making it the first place you will want to look when making your plans. As if it weren’t already awesome enough, you can also earn FREE Think NY, Drink NY® beer gear by collecting virtual stamps from each brewery you visit.



4) New York State Craft Brewers Festivals

In 2020 beer festivals will evolve beyond just a tasting event into an engaging cultural craft beer experience, this year the New York State Brewers Association will host 4 that will stand apart from the rest. New York State Craft Brewers Festivals provide you with a rare opportunity to sample beer from every region of the state poured by the brewers themselves all while immersing yourself in the unique culture of craft beer. The quality of the entire experience holds as much importance as the quality of the beer. Each festival is hosted at a unique venue, and includes enhancements like food samples from local eateries, live music, games, and more!



5) Master Tasting Experiences

Similar to the shifting of festivals from just beer samplings, Master Tasting Experiences provide an opportunity to connect with craft beer at a deeper level. Learn about the rich culture and history of  NYS craft beer as well as the technical art of the brewing process. You will also enrich your mind and your taste buds through a tasting of 6 NYS beers guided by an experienced brewer. These workshops are designed for 25-50 people, book as a sales incentive, team building event, and/or relationship building tool with key customers and more.



6) Think NY, Drink NY Craft Beer Gear

In this day in age fashion has trended towards wearing clothes that reflects your values as well as your own style. Think NY, Drink NY craft beer gear allows you to show your pride for NYS beer in a fun and trendy way. Not only will you feel great in your Think NY, Drink NY gear, you will also be supporting a great cause! Your purchase supports craft breweries by benefiting the New York State Brewers Association, a non-profit organization whose mission is to support the state’s craft beer industry through advocacy, education, and marketing.

Represent your love for NYS beer!